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Tooth filling :

  • filling is done as a part of dental treatment with specific concern depending upon the patient’s teeth scenario. 
  • Tooth filling is a common treatment performed by most of the dental professionals with advanced technology where pain isn’t felt or a little bearable by the pTooth atient.

Why tooth filling is done?

It is all because of the cavities or any kind of bacteria that sucks the tooth and decay it showing symptoms in the form of pain, and uneasiness in chewing food or while brushing the teeth, that pain in the tooth is a kind of symptom for the cavities which originated and bacteria multiplying and as per the dental conditions, the cavity is cleared first by removing it with driller or with the advanced laser which are performed by the dentist according to their training and proficiency, the cavity is cleared, bacteria is cleaned on the tooth and hole is made in the process of removing the cavity which is later on filled with fillings according to the patient’s preference of filling and doctors advice.

Post filling:

According to the doctors advice patient must schedule regular visits and use proper medication and be careful till the filling gets firm and strong, and avoid strong and hard foods which causes difficulty in eating so that they may disturb the tooth filling.

 These fillings are completely safe and can be done as per the requirements.